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Recent It All Started discovery Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros did a stint in the Daytrotter studio recently – from what I hear their live shows are pretty damn good too. How about some Aussie dates, Mr Sharpe?

I was stoked to discover that Arizona had paid them a visit also – I wish they’d done ‘Don’t Have The Body’ though. I love that song.

Fans of Rural Alberta Advantage – a band that I’ve not spent anywhere near enough time with – will be interested to check out a couple of unreleased tracks from their recent session and the fun and fantastic Locksley had a stopover there also that produced a great rendition of my favourite track ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’.

Another band that’s grabbed my interest lately is indie/roots outfit Hoots & Hellmouth and I discovered a year old Daytrotter session the other day that’s well worth a listen – ‘Rattle My Bones’ is all kinds of fantastic, especially the last minute and a half. I’ve also included ‘Known For Possession’, the rollicking number that gained my attention in the first place.

40 Day Dream (Daytrotter Session) – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Don’t Have The Body – Arizona

Don’t Make Me Wait (Daytrotter Session) – Locksley

Rattle Those Bones (Daytrotter Session) – Hoots & Hellmouth

Known For Possession – Hoots & Hellmouth