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This is the kind of post that I write when I’m feeling jaded and downtrodden and mind-numbingly lethargic. A short post about a track I know well, that requires little research, and keeps the blog ticking over until I find my brain and spark and inspiration again.

This song brought unexpected tears to my eyes just a few short hours ago as I drove along a dark country road. There’s something about the strings and the fluttery flutey bits that never fails to move me.

You don’t keep me company,
You all turn out wrong,
If you are my daughters, if you are my sons,
I can only hold you inside for so long,
O song, did I lead you on?

If you are my love, well love what’s wrong?
You don’t keep me company for near enough long,
I can’t feel or touch you, or hold you for long,
O song, are you leading me on?

Friends come in time, and then they are gone,
I know what it’s like to be floating along
Without a warm body to heap your cares on,
O on and into the night.

For I have been bad now for twenty years long,
For centuries you have been pure and strong,
If you thought me a good place to stay you were wrong,
O song, did I lead you on?

O Song (Live with the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra) – Augie March