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A quick trawl of my inbox netted a couple of good finds this morning.

Quite often the promotional band descriptions I get sent sound more like a bad wine label or a dodgy real estate guide than something that’s supposed to inspire me to check out the music. The promotional gab for Switzerland’s The Loops reads a cocktail of the wild wild 60ies, boozed-up beatpoetry and eccentric postrock. As band descriptions go that’s not too shabby, and while I’m not sure whether it’s an accurate description (I don’t know what sober beatpoetry sounds like, let alone beatpoetry performed when under the influence) it doesn’t matter because it was enough to hook me, and I was not disappointed. I’ve even been provided with three tracks that I can share with you, and each one is fantastic.

‘Lalala’ opens with a very catchy riff and Claudio Landolt’s scratchy vocals give it a deep bluesy feel, a vibe which continues with the hazy gradual climb of ‘No Title’. ‘She Don’t Love Me’ features simple chord changes, well timed back up vocals and a nice mid-song guitar solo. Good stuff.

The Loops are Claudio Landolt (vocals/guitar), Mathias Kilga (percussion), Gianni Palumbo (guitar), Reto Leutwyler (drums) and Stefan Nievergelt (bass) and you can find out more about their upcoming album But The Birds (out Aug 28) at their myspace.

Lalala – The Loops

No Title – The Loops

She Don’t Love Me – The Loops


Greenland Is Melting is a bluegrass/folk/punk trio from Florida USA and ‘From City To Town’ off the soon to be released Our Hearts Are Gold, Our Grass Is Blue is a twangy banjo number complete with some nice fiddle work. Fun stuff.

Greenland Is Melting are Karl Seltzer, Will Dueease and Shaun Pereira and you can hear more at their myspace.

From City To Town – Greenland Is Melting