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As I write this England are 1/24 and it’s good see the Aussies are off to a nice start. Shane Warne is as informative as ever, treating us to so-called special comments like “Don’t you think Trott looks like Vince Vaughn from ‘Wedding Crashers’? He looks exactly like him!'”

No Shane, he doesn’t.

Another pearl of wisdom from the fourth test went something like this:

“It’s interesting to watch the body language of the Australians out in the field…they’re being a lot more verbal out there now.”


I’ll be stoked if the Aussies win of course but even if we do I reckon Ponting will still find something to sook about, that’s all he seems to do these days. Hopefully the rain will hold off and we’ll have a proper competitive match on our hands.

I can’t find an mp3 of this Sherbet track from the 70’s so you’ll have to make do with this classic video instead. Nice hair Daryl!