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This is not a post about sparrows, but about the fact that I’ll be up and at ’em hours before they’ve even thought about dragging themselves up off the perch. I’m only employed three days a week at the moment, but I’ve been picking up quite a lot of relief teaching on my days off (ha!) and tomorrow I get to go to on an excursion down to the big smoke. It’ll be a great day but it comes at a cost unfortunately – a cost to my beauty sleep. I’ll be up at sparrows, around 5.30am, stumbling to the bathroom and searching for my face – think of me, won’t you?

Early Morning – The Old 97’s

Early In The Morning (Live) – Plants And Animals

And what I’ll be forsaking…

Sleep – The Notwist

Sleep – The Dandy Warhols

Gorgeous sparrow photo from Yet Another Photo Blog.