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What started as a random collection of covers ended up turning into a decidedly Beatles themed post. Purely coincidental. I’m sure if you could be bothered hunting around though you’d find a plethora of information out there guaranteed to satisfy any deep-seated need for Beatles covers.

Imagine (John Lennon Cover) – Built To Spill

Let It Be (Beatles Cover) – Xavier Rudd

My Sweet Lord (George Harrison Cover) – Jim James

And for those of you who don’t need another Beatles cover in your life…

Kids (MGMT Cover) – The Kooks

Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straits Cover) – Cliff Eberhardt

King Of Wishful Thinking (Go West Cover) – William Fitzsimmons

And you will earn my eternal esteem and respect if you can tell me which quote I’ve ripped off for my post title, and the movie it came from. Go!