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Canadian indie pop outfit Ohbijou began as the solo project of lead singer Casey Mecija and quickly became a full on multi-instrumental production. Just check out the versatility below:

Casey Mecija – vocals, guitar, ukulele, piano
Jennifer Mecija – violin, harmochord, glockenspiel, melodica, vocals
Heather Kirby – bass, banjo
James Bunton – drums, trumpet
Anissa Hart – cello
Ryan Carley – piano, synth, glockenspiel, electric piano, harpsichord
Andrew Kinoshita – mandolin

The track that first caught my ear was ‘Black Ice’, and it’s had me bewitched for some weeks now. Sweeping opening chords, strings aplenty, tinkling piano and gorgeous vocals combine to create a lush sound that begs for repeated listens. ‘Wildfires’ is also magnificent, soaring and building with a rich cello undercurrent. Ohbijou have just embarked on a tour to promote their June release Beacons with dates in the UK, Europe and Canada – visit their myspace for further details.

Black Ice – Ohbijou

Wildfires – Ohbijou