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Earlier in the week I posted this video of ‘City of the Dead’ by Pinstripe 45’s, a song that I’ve not been able to shake all week. Multi-instrumentalist and lead singer Marshall contacted me during the week and kindly passed on the mp3 for me to share with you all. The measured guitar is hushed enough so that the vocals and lyrics take centre stage, but strong enough that it’s still able to pack a punch with the addition of the piano near the end. The beseeching ‘just believe me’ parts are what caught my attention on my first listen, and I can’t help but sing along. The album is out mid-November and you can hear more at their myspace.

and i see all the vulgar things that you etched upon my wall
and i see there’s a darkness in your eyes
just believe me
we’re both wicked things
living blessed lives instead
and we lived in the city of the dead

City Of The Dead – Pinstripe 45s