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One unexpected bonus from my trip overseas was that I came back quite a bit fitter than I was before I left. Walking seven or eight hours with a backpack following you about all day will do that for you I guess! Climbing billions of stairs doesn’t hurt either. Although my calves would beg to differ.

Since coming home I’ve been running quite a bit and the other day a friend and I registered for a run in September. It’s only 5 k’s but we figured we do a few of these and maybe attempt an 8 or 10k one later on in the year. I’ve always been more of a sprinter so adjusting to this long distance stuff has been a bit of a struggle, but I have noticed a great improvement in the last couple of months. I can run 5 k’s on the treadmill without any problems but yesterday morning I got in my car and measured out a 5k run along the boringly straight dirt roads around my place. Good god, it’s a hell of a different ask! I ran 2.5 k’s without a problem but the trek back home was pretty miserable, and punctuated by a few bouts of walking, which pissed me off a little. Still, it’s good to know where I’m at now, and I’m sure I’ll get better the more I do it.

I need some good running music though, preferably stuff with a consistent beat that I can run to as I have problems maintaining a steady rhythm sometimes – I tend to start at a good pace, but somehow end up running too fast and tiring myself out. So what do you listen to when you’re running or working out? I need all the help I can get!

Here are some totally unrelated tracks to warm your winter morning – although most of you reading this are probably enjoying gorgeous summer weather at the moment and if you are, permit me to say that there’s a tiny part of me hidden deep inside that hates you, just a little bit.

Set In Stone – Catfish Haven Great toe-tapping soul sound from Chicago.

Northern Lights – Bowerbirds Gorgeous folk from latest release Upper Air.

Little Bear – Guillemots English indie outfit. Love the strings in this one.

Garden – One For The Team Indie rock from eight track EP Build A Garden.