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One of the great things about being involved in the Contrast Podcast is getting the chance to take part in the annual Contrast Podcast CD Swap, where all the CP regulars get to make a compilation for another member of the CP gang. This year was the first time I’d been involved, and the theme was Letters of The Alphabet. I got the letter V and made a CD for Chris over at phosphorous.net all about the tunes of the Vagabond – my music library, while pretty darn good in many ways, did not offer enough variety in the V department, so I was required to get a little more creative.

The CD that I received came from Linda over at the wonderful Speed Of Dark, one of the first music blogs I ever read. Needless to say I was pretty stoked to receive a compilation from Linda, and knew it would be full of great tracks. I wasn’t disappointed.

Though the whole CD was fantastic, the stand out track for me was ‘Up With Mittens, Down With Gloves’ by the USA’s Red Fox Grey Fox, a band that I’d never heard of. I was immediately won over by the punchy intro and the vocals, which I later discovered were courtesy of lead singer Peter, and not the fiery frontwoman I’d originally pictured. Apologies Peter!

Up With Mittens, Down With Gloves – Red Fox Grey Fox

Make sure you also check out ‘Building A Building’ from their 2007 release From The Land Of Bears, Ice and Rock.

Building A Building – Red Fox Grey Fox

In addition to the top tunes Linda sent, she also included a stash of Coachella Festival items, including badges and a program that I read with a slight tinge of envy and wistfulness…yet another dream to add to the list! It was brilliant to receive these tokens and I was quite touched by the thoughtfulness of the gift. This is just another reason to love the Contrast Podcast I reckon – I can’t imagine any other way I’d come to have these things in my possession, so thank you Linda, and to Tim for keeping the CP going. And if you’ve never checked it out before, you can head here for Part 1 of the CP CD Swap, and here for Part 2, which includes my contribution to the cause!

I’ll leave you with a few of the other tracks from Linda’s CD that caught my attention:

Useless Me – The Dogs

Ulysses – Franz Ferdinand

Underground Dream – Son Volt