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The good folk over at Daytrotter do some wonderful work. This afternoon I emerged after a much overdue dig through their archives with a fistful of gorgeous tracks.

Today’s session came courtesy of the fantastic Motel Motel. This version of ‘Coffee’ from their 2008 release New Denver is superb. I love the crisp piano and train-like beginning. Check out the rest of the session here.

Coffee (Daytrotter Session) – Motel Motel

David Vandervelde’s 2008 album Waiting For The Sunrise is quite a winner in my book, and this take on my favourite track ‘Someone Like You’ is fantastic. You can hear more here.

Someone Like You (Daytrotter Session) – David Vandervelde

Wild Light’s ‘California On My Mind’ is a song that I never get sick of. Simple and catchy, it’s got such a great sound. This take seems to be a half-step faster than the album version, giving it extra energy, and the harmonica is fab. Check out the rest of the tracks here.

California On My Mind (Daytrotter Session) – Wild Light

You’d be pretty hard pressed not to like this track. The harmonica, the harmonies, the shimmery cymbals…it’s all lovely, and there’s more to explore here.

To The Ghosts Who Write History Books (Daytrotter Session) – The Low Anthem