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God knows how this happened, but until today I’d never seen the videos for ‘London Still’ or ‘Bridal Train’, two of my favourite songs by The Waifs. While watching ‘London Still’, I let out a little yelp of recognition when Donna sang about ‘taking the tube over to Camden to wander around’ – she was walking along the same street I strolled down just a few short weeks ago when I, totally influenced by those words, decided to do the same very same thing myself. Great fun.

The video for ‘Bridal Train’ is also wonderful, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the telegram you see around the 20 second mark was the original telegram sent to Donna and Vikki’s grandmother, whose story inspired the song.

Bonus mp3 – a wonderfully understated track that gives the proverbial finger to a woefully inadequate ex.

 Haircut – The Waifs

Image: Nifty little seats fashioned to look like motorbikes by the Camden Lock.