I meant to post a link to this the other day but I got distracted by a book or a song or putting another log on the fire or contemplating the meaning of the universe or some other such trifle.

JC, a.k.a the Vinyl Villain was lucky enough to nab an interview with Scott Hutchison from the wonderful Frightened Rabbit recently and it’s an absolute beauty.

TVV: Who would you most like to cover an FR song – and which one?

Scott : I’d love to hear The Hold Steady do one of ours. I think Craig Finn would do a wonderful take on The Twist. If that happens, I could happily call it a day and work in Sainsburys.

Head here to read the rest of the interview, then check out the gorgeous acoustic version of ‘The Modern Leper’ performed for the Live Daily Sessions below.

The Modern Leper – Frightened Rabbit