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I’ve written about Dead Letter Chorus before after seeing them live in Melbourne back in January where I was mesmorised by their boy/girl harmonies, building tempos and general sweetness. They’re actually playing a couple of shows in my area this weekend that I won’t be able to get to, so I’ve been torturing consoling myself by watching youtube videos of them instead. This outdoor performance in Sydney of ‘Magnolia Farm’ is just gorgeous and it breaks my heart a little that I won’t be reliving it live this weekend.

If you enjoyed that, you should check out ‘Wait All Night’ which is also just as wonderful and after that you should definitely buy a copy of their EP Listen Carefully (We Shall Say This Only Once) and also their debut full-length The August Magnificent. Absolute pearlers, both of ’em.

Magnolia Farm – Dead Letter Chorus

Wait All Night – Dead Letter Chorus