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I also love the smell of sushi in the morning. Although, in the interests of being truthful, it’s more like I love the taste of sushi in the afternoon. It’s really a little too much for the morning.

While you salivate over the sushi, wrap your ears around these:

Malcolm Middleton and The Hold Steady teaming up to cover Bryan Adams? Why the hell not?

Run To You (Bryan Adams Cover) – Malcolm Middleton & The Hold Steady

I’ve always been partial to the Beach Boys, and while this cover doesn’t divert too far from the original it’s quite lovely.

Don’t Worry Baby (Beach Boys Cover) – Ruby Weapon

MGMT covering NIN just cracks me up.

Closer (Nine Inch Nails Cover) – MGMT

The Magic Numbers cover Beyonce at the Live Lounge at BBC Radio 1.

Crazy In Love (Beyonce Cover) – The Magic Numbers

Image from a sushi bar in London, the name of which escapes me –  they make bloody good grub though.