There’s no place like home.

After three flights and a three night stopover in Tokyo, most of which I spent suffering terrible jetlag… I’m home.

After two months schlepping about the UK and a little jaunt to Paris, I’ve said goodbye to hostels and train stations and bad showers and cobblestones and given my poor torn up backpack a much needed rest.

I’ve also said goodbye to solo explorations of unknown cities, unexpected conversations with random strangers, surprising locals with my broad Aussie accent, carrying all my possessions on my back and visiting buildings that were built hundreds of years before maps even knew that Australia existed.

I left Australia thinking that I’d live and teach in the UK for a while but quickly discovered that was not something I was quite ready for. Now that I’ve returned home I’m really happy to be here and it’s been wonderful to see my family and I’m looking forward to catching up with all my friends later on this week.

I have no idea where I want to live though and I’m not sure that I want to keep on teaching either. So while I’m sure I’ll be spending the next little while reflecting on my amazing trip and all the sights I saw, I’m also going to have to make some big decisions too. Don’t you wish you could hire somebody to make all those tough choices for you? Sure would be nice sometimes.

This track from Australian music legend Jimmy Little is for those of you whose loved ones are perhaps a bit further away than you might like them to be.

Bring Yourself Home – Jimmy Little