vending machine

Here I am again, stumbling in to peck out a quick post. I’ve not had the headspace for posting here lately, but I have been checking in to make sure you lot are still behaving yourselves!

Those of you who are still visiting here to make sure I’m still alive may be pleased to hear that I will be back home in Australia next week and once I’ve settled in and caught up with everybody again I’m sure I’ll be able to pick up where I left off, with some cool photos and stories to share along the way.

One casualty of my time overseas is that I’ve not listened to much new music at all. I think this may be because everything else I was doing was so new and different that I couldn’t handle any shakeups in my musical listening. When I have had the trusty ol’ iPod out it’s been old favourites that have been doing it for me – The National, Okkervil River, The Waifs and of course Sigur Ros. Yes, I know I talk way too much about SR, but it’s love, pure and simple.

Speaking of Sigur Ros (can you smell a segue approaching?), you should go visit JC at the Vinyl Villain. He’s on holiday this month and all his mates have chipped in to keep his blog running while he’s away. He indulged my passion with great generosity, and it’s a post that I’m actually quite proud of –  read my ode to Sigur Ros here and make sure you check out the other fantastic and diverse contributions as well.

I’m currently in Tokyo at the moment after the 11 hour flight from London. I’ve said goodbye to hostels forever (or for a little while at least), blowing some yen on a hotel instead and one great thing about the hotel is the unlimited internet connection. I’ve been going nuts this last hour downloading all kinds of wonderful stuff, so by the time I get back home I will have loads more discoveries to share with you. I expect this downloading bonanza will continue for another couple of hours yet – I have slept a bit but I’m wide awake now so I expect my ipod will be chock full of goodness by the time I’m done.

Next time you hear from me I should be back at home. What a wonderful feeling I expect that will be!

This will be the last Sigur Ros track for a while…promise.

Heysatan – Sigur Ros

Head over to Captain Obvious to check out his latest Covers Mixtape. This stripped down cover of Kings of Leon’s ‘Use Somebody’ by Bat For Lashes is just one of a dozen tracks that I frantically downloaded before. It lacks the biting snarliness of the original of course, but it’s still rather lovely.

Use Somebody (Kings Of Leon Cover) – Bat For Lashes

Image: I’ve not been beyond the hotel yet so my photo opportunities have been limited, but I was quite taken by their vending machines.