I’m not sure if I would like this had I heard it back at home and not over here in England, but something about Clifford T. Ward’s music sure is doing it for me at the moment. I heard his 1973 album ‘Home Thoughts From Abroad’ the other day while driving through winding country lanes and marvelling at all the green. It’s been a while since I’ve seen green grass!

The lyrics are beautiful – I must admit title track ‘Home Thoughts From Abroad’ made me a tad misty eyed at one point, but I’ve fully embraced the whole album and I know know that wherever I am, whenever I hear it I’ll always think of my first week in England.

What I love about the lyrics is the way he was not afraid to use unusual words in his songs. I mean seriously, how often do you hear the word ‘wherewithal’  in a song?

Home Thoughts From Abroad – Clifford T. Ward

Wherewithal – Clifford T. Ward