Worried about the title of this post? I was a little worried when this band popped up in my inbox the other day too. Vague images of death and debauchery were quickly banished from my head though when I pressed play and proceeded to listen to ‘The Mistakes’ compulsively several times. Not only does it have an infectious and totally non-threatening sound, but the lyrics are fantastic. Lines like ‘do you ever feel like you’re crazy? Do you ever feel like someone’s watching you?’ jumped out at me immediately, and it doesn’t take long before you find yourself singing along.

Manson Family Picnic are Arthur (charango, guitar, vocals), Aaron (guitar, accordion, vocals), Devlin (percussion, vocals), Jeffrey (violin, glockenspiel), Andrew (upright bass) and they play music that is catchy and youthful and whimsical and right up my alley. It couldn’t be more up there if it tried.

And it’s not just this track that does it for me. Head to their myspace to check out what I’m talking about. ‘Ten Dead Horses’ has slightly sinister overtones (that beat!) complete with that yearning violin sound that I go on about so much here. ‘Shit Diggers’ is wickedly chaotic with quirky lyrics and sweet tempo changes that make me smile every time.

Go check em out – they’re fantastic. Seriously.

The Mistakes – Manson Family Picnic