This will be my last ‘live’ post for a little while. I’m pretty busy getting organised for my overseas trip now and I’m spending my time trying to declutter my possessions and pack (that’s not going too well at the moment actually – if anything I’m making more mess) and catch up with family and friends before I leave.

I have however scheduled some quick’n’easy filler posts to pop up at certain times during the next little while, and to keep this place going for a bit until I find my feet over there and figure out what’s what. The good thing (well, one of ’em anyway!) about this move I’m making is that I expect to have lots of new stories and hopefully new music to share with you as I explore that other hemisphere up there that I’ve heard so much about. I’ll still be checking in and replying to your comments when I can though, so please feel free to keep leaving them because reading your comments is by far my favourite part of blogging.

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t leave you with some tunes now would it?

I had no idea that I even knew The Presets music until the Sound Relief bushfire benefit concerts that went on in Melbourne and Sydney a couple of weekends ago. They showed their set at the Sydney gig on the telly and though I really REALLY hate crowds, I have never wanted to be part of one so much in my life! They showed aerial shots of it and not a single person was still, it was just a big surging mass of saturated people (it was pouring, which only added to the atmosphere), some sitting on the shoulders of their friends, some crowd surfing, all of them jumping up and down to the beat of the music. So totally not my usual thing, but wow, it looked amazing!

My People – The Presets

Changing tack completely now, we have The Low Anthem, and the gorgeous opening track from 2008’s Oh My God, Charlie Darwin. I defy you to listen to this track and not feel the pressing need to immediately listen to it again as you reach the end. Beautiful harmonies and an aching solo near the end on an instrument I can’t quite identify (help me if you know what it is – is it a horn? a harmonica? a haircomb? I just don’t know!) make for a song that begs for repeated listens. The Low Anthem are touring the US with Ray Montagne in April and are scheduled to play Bonnaroo in June. Oh, and head to their website to check out their hilarious Darwin birthday card.

Charlie Darwin – The Low Anthem

To continue with the theme of music of a quieter nature, we have Leonard Mynx. This Portland singer-songwriter pens tunes that are not just songs, but stories, snapshots of ordinary people living ordinary lives. His debut release Vesper is all yearning and melancholy and perfect for late night listening or a reflective solitary stroll. And oh, those strings, those backing vocals, the pedal and slide guitar! Lovely stuff.

Leonard Mynx has a ton of dates booked throughout the US in the next couple of months and you can get all the details you need at his myspace hangout.

Valley Of Sickness And Death – Leonard Mynx

Oh, and I don’t know what Jacky boy is doing up there in that picture, I guess it must be from some movie I’m too young to remember. Anyway I like it, and at a stretch you could imagine that he was giving some live broadcast or something – I couldn’t be bothered doing an extensive image search for the perfect pic to go with this post. It’s late, and I’ve got me some sleeping to do.

Side note, added about 30 minutes after the original posting: It wasn’t until I’d stared at that picture of Jack that I realised my first post title ‘Last live post’ was really boring, and that I could do better. Cheers, J.