I wrote a will today. I’ve never done that before, which is kinda understandable I guess considering I’m only 25, I don’t have any material assets to speak of and I have a deep-seated loathing of paperwork.

It felt really morbid. I was forced to consider things I didn’t want to think about. Who should be the executor of my estate? (That’s such a formal word to use, considering my lack of material worth!) What should happen with my remains? The organ donation part was the easiest part – a big resounding ‘take it all, with my compliments’.

My dad was right though, he advised me to be as specific as I could with my wishes so that in the event that my family did have to deal with that stuff they wouldn’t be forced to make any tough decisions. And I guess that’s why you make a will – so that the people you leave behind aren’t left agonising over what your wishes would be. Still, it’s not a pleasant feeling, and I feel a heck of a lot better now it’s done.

Willow Tree – Chad VanGaalen

Forever Young – Youth Group

And a bonus Youth Group track, courtesy of Marcy at Lost In Your Inbox. The end especially is fantastic.

Shadowland – Youth Group