I don’t know how I’m going to cope without Triple J when I depart these sundrenched shores. For some reason, listening these last few weeks in particular has led to a pile of fantastic new discoveries. It used to be that whenever I flicked it on all I would hear were really bad Aussie hiphop wannabes (seriously, you can’t be all gangsta with a broad Aussie accent – it just doesn’t work) but lately it’s been nothing but goodness.

So anyway, when I turned on Triple J in the car the other day, I caught the end of ‘With This Ship’ which is a seriously catchy tune by Melbourne indie pop/rock trio The Basics. It’s the ‘oh-oh-oh’ bits that I love especially, but while it is a fun sounding track, a careful listen to the lyrics reveals an undercurrent of despair and regret. It’s good stuff.

Further research yielded other top tunes, including the infectious ‘Hey There’ that features horns and a snippet of ‘Revelry’ (I think that’s what it is, correct me if I’m wrong) that Aussies would recognise from Anzac Day ceremonies. ‘Just Hold On’ is also fantastic, featuring simple piano chord changes that are, to my ears, vaguely reminiscent of The Beatles.

The Basics are Tim Heath (guitar/vocals), Wally de Backer (a.k.a. Gotye, drums/vocals) and Kris Schroeder (bass/vocals), they’ve recently experienced success in Japan, Norway and the UK and you can check them out live in most Australian capital cities throughout April. More info can be found at their myspace, their website or their Triple J Unearthed page.

With This Ship – The Basics

Hey There – The Basics

Just Hold On – The Basics