I hate the use of music in ads. I understand the reasons for having a catchy tune featured in an ad of course, but songs that I might ordinarily like are always, always, ruined for me when used in annoying TV ads.

Two examples:

Glasgow’s Pearl and the Puppets have a song called ‘Because I Do’ that’s been flogged to death on a Vodafone ad here in Australia. I heard it on the radio today in full and it’s a song that I normally wouldn’t mind if I didn’t hear it featured during every ad break on the telly. As someone who doesn’t watch a heap of TV anyway, I can only imagine how much deeper my hatred would be if I was a total couch potato. The ad is annoying, it’s on way too often and therefore I hate it.

‘Sleepy Tigers’ by Her Space Holiday made something of a splash in the blog world last year, and I remember reading a spiel about the track that made it sound like something I’d like. I downloaded it and listened and was quickly revolted, realising it was the song used in a bank ad that was on in the lead up to the Olympics, and during the Olympics, sometimes featuring twice in one ad break. Consequently, I hated the thing with a passion.

While using a song is obviously a good way to enhance the ad and make it more memorable, it doesn’t always have a positive effect. I hate ads and I rarely remember what the actual product being advertised is anyway. Adding a song to an ad will only serve to make me hate the song and the ad and the product being advertised in the ad – that’s if I can remember what the bloody thing is in the first place.

Still, they’ve done their job haven’t they? Here I am, telling you about them. Even a negative reaction still achieves a result. Clever bastards.

Because I Do – Pearl and the Puppets

Sleepy Tigers – Her Space Holiday