Well, one of the reasons anyway. A great cover can often be your first introduction to a fantastic new artist. And, in related news, I think I’ve officially become a twang convert.

Ever since I first heard Deer Tick‘s cover of ‘Still Crazy After All These Years’ I’ve been captivated by John J. McCauley’s vocals. Luckily their original stuff is just as wonderful, all bluesy/folky/twangy/rock goodness. This week I’ve started to explore their 2007 debut release War Elephant and here’s what I’m loving so far.

The first few seconds of this remind me so much of The Waifs’ ‘Gillian’ – which is a good thing.

Diamond Rings 2007 – Deer Tick

Love the double bass in this one.

Art Isn’t Real aka City Of Sin – Deer Tick

And the cover that kicked it all off.

Still Crazy After All These Years (Paul Simon Cover) – Deer Tick

And oh! I’d never seen an actual deer tick until I innocently ran an image search earlier. Almost as bad as a Hunstman. Almost. And that’s the reason why there’s no image on this one at the moment. I’m too scared to look any further.