An absolute smorgasbord of goodness actually. This is some of the stuff I’ve come across in the last week or so that is making me sigh, bop and grin.

Asobi Seksu hail from Brooklyn USA and produce dreamy psychedelic shoegazey pop stuff. Yuki Chikudate’s other-worldly vocals are both sweet and strong at the same time and I love ’em.

Familiar Light – Asobi Seksu

Ben Kweller has fully embraced country with his latest offering Changing Horses. This rollickin’ track features tinkling piano and some sweet tempo changes with the requisite twang making its presence felt throughout. Love it.

Sawdust Man – Ben Kweller

We may as well continue the country vibe with The O’s, who describe their music on their myspace as ‘acousmatic/tape music/death metal/bluegrass’. What kidders. Love the banjo.

You’ve Got Your Heart – The O’s

I think this might be the first Josh Ritter song I’ve heard, or at least paid attention to. Just another one of those artists I haven’t had a chance to check out properly yet I think. This is a fantastic track that marches and builds and features heartbreakingly beautiful lyrics.

Then winter came, and there was little left between us – skin and bones of love won’t make a meal. I felt my eyes lifted over your shoulder, there were wolves at the edge of the fields. But I still remember that time when we were dancing, we were dancing to a song that I’d heard. Your face was simple and your hands were naked, I was singing without knowing the words…

Go to I Am Fuel, You Are Friends to check out the full lyrics, plus a video of the live performance.

Wolves – Josh Ritter

You can probably guess where Old Californio are from. From their upcoming release Westering Again, due out April 7, comes this infectious grab of old style rock n’ roll. Good stuff.

Mother Road – Old Californio

Sydney’s Angus & Julia Stone are headed for SXSW this year and will be supporting Ida Maria and School of Seven Bells. This is a pretty awesome thing for an Aussie artist I reckon. It’s a bloody long way and you don’t often hear of too many Aussie acts making it over there. Good on ’em I say! And I wish I had a mango tree in my backyard too.

Mango Tree – Angus & Julia Stone

Oh, and this? This is just for fun.

Kiss – Prince

Cute geese captured (photographically speaking) by Jacqueline Burrell, here.