Dirt road

Why don’t we have something like SXSW in Oz? Oh yeah – it takes 50 hundred hours to get here.

Loads of blogs are doing SXSW previews, but Linda over at Speed of Dark has been doing a great job of highlighting some of her top picks over the last week.

SWSW Sampler #1

SXSW 2009 Sampler #2 – California Bands

SXSW 2009 Sampler #3 – Non-US

My favourite discovery from Linda’s coverage is Casxio’s ‘Seventeen’, an extremely infectious grab complete with awesome falsetto. I was listening to this while taking the dogs for a stroll at sunset this evening and I couldn’t help but walk with a little bit of attitude. Of course the problem with walking down a quiet dirt road with your iPod blasting is that you don’t always hear that ute approaching from behind until it’s nearly run you over and has copped a nice little view of you making a prat of yourself. Ah, country living.

Seventeen – Casxio

You can visit Casxio’s website for a free download of their EP, including tracks like this one.

Boiling Point – Casxio