Today has been an absolute shitheap of a day. Teaching – you really wonder if it’s worth it some days, and unfortunately for me, those days are becoming more and more frequent. These two tracks are slowly working their magic and after several listens I’m beginning to remember that the world isn’t such a bad place after all. Maybe.

‘The Great Skua’ was the first British Sea Power track I ever heard, and it remains my favourite for its sheer bulk and audacity. An instrumental track that builds and builds, complete with blustery cymbal crashes and a melody line that can be either uplifting or can tug at the heartstrings, depending on the mood of the moment. There’s this bit around the 3.50 minute mark that sounds almost like a train whistle and as the sound archs high it’s almost like you’re about to take off. Gets me every time.

The Great Skua – British Sea Power

‘Open The Door’ is also a favourite, something about the melody of this one has a big effect on me too and the lyrics took no time at all to pick up. These two lines resonate quite strongly with me at times.

I’m not afraid of the big black bear
Only humans make me scared

Open The Door – British Sea Power

British Sea Power’s album Do You Like Rock Music? was my last musical purchase of 2008 – the actual physical CD no less – and it’s been worth every last cent. Other highlights include ‘Waving Flags’ and ‘No Lucifer’. Highly recommended.