WordPress has gone all kinds of crazy today – just have a look at this comment section. What the hell is going on? The other day WordPress did some code changes and, be it coincidence or not, since then my comments have been doing weird things. Today there’s all kinds of crap going on in there, and it’s really bugging me.

I’m one of those really well adjusted people who can’t handle dodgy formatting issues. Everything has to be just so. One of my pet peeves is when MS Word randomly reformats your words, like switching to bold in the middle of typing a sentence. There’s not a lot I can do about my comment issues here since I don’t have any control over formatting stuff, but I will lodge a query with the support team after I’ve had a little wine whine.

While this is obviously not a big deal I really hate it when things don’t work, and it’s rare for me to handle these situations in a constructive way. I tend to scrunch up my face and swear and kick things and cap it all off by calling the offending object really mature names.

Stupid – The Long Winters

Dickhead – Kate Nash

Oh, and do you think it’s possible to have a little OCD? Or is that like being a little bit pregnant?