The latest episode of the Contrast Podcast is up and this week it was all about what we liked when we were 21. For me, that was only four years ago, but I kinda had to think hard to remember what I was doing back then because quite a bit has happened since then. Either that or my memory sucks.

I was in my third year of uni back then and I was so sick of it all that I rarely went to class and I didn’t study much. I still did fairly well though thanks to this seemingly superhuman power I possessed – the ability to write plausibly good essays in short periods of time. A day or two before said essay was due, I would hole up in my room, mainline Coke (the drink, dear ones) and write for maybe four or five hours nonstop until the wretched thing was finished. Looking back now, I have no idea how I managed it!

If it wasn’t for this wonderfully useful skill I wouldn’t have been able to take part in more leisurely activities, such as the much more productive enjoyable afternoon sessions that I spent sitting outside with one of the other girls I lived with. We would drag our deckchairs out the front of the unit we lived in and we would eat watermelon and Sunnyboys (the orange ones are the best – don’t let anyone tell you any different) and listen to music on our battered old CD player. I’m not quite ready to share with you all of the dross that we listened to, but I’m not embarrassed to admit to enjoying the music of Missy Higgins, a Melbourne singer songwriter. Her first single ‘Scar’ came out in 2004, the year I was 21, and it really was a beacon in the dim, dark wasteland that the ‘popular’ Aussie music scene had become.

Scar – Missy Higgins

Steer – Missy Higgins