Yet another artist that should’ve made my Best of 2008 albums list. Russian Red is the performing name of Spaniard Lourdes Hernandez and she possesses a voice I’d happily move mountains for. Darkly romantic, her music is the kind that would suit an evening in front of the fire in a wood panelled room lit only by flickering flames.

Although ‘Cigarettes’, the opening track from her gorgeous 2008 release I Like Your Glasses came in at #30 in my Top 50 Songs of last year, I didn’t get a chance to listen to her album properly until a couple of weeks ago. I’m actually quite surprised that I didn’t see it on many Best Of lists at the end of the year. Perhaps like me, everybody else was busy concentrating on other things. More fool them, and me, I say.

You already know that I love ‘Cigarettes’ but there is more to explore once you find yourself capable of moving past that opening track. Other highlights for me include ‘Walls Are Tired’, ‘Kiss My Elbow’ and ‘Timing Is Crucial’. I especially love the uptempo ‘They Don’t Believe’ and I think my new favourite track is the bending, wavering ‘Nice Thick Feathers’. Simply beautiful stuff.

Nice Thick Feathers – Russian Red

They Don’t Believe – Russian Red

Post title a lyric from ‘They Don’t Believe’.