So, social networking sites. Generally, I hate them. I don’t use Facebook because I got tired of all those annoying messages from people I went to school with. I didn’t like you back then people, I’m sure as hell not about to start liking you now. I don’t have a myspace profile and it’s rare for me to use it anyway as most of my new music comes from blogs.

I didn’t really get Twitter at first, and I still kinda find it a bit pointless, but I have become a little enamoured with it of late – even though I feel like a right prat at times when using it. I’ve tracked down a few bands to follow, and most of them update when they list new shows they’re doing and any updates to their websites. I think the best use I’ve found for it so far is checking out what other people are listening to, and letting people know what I’ve been listening to. Usually I find the track on last.fm or foxytunes (thanks Tart, I didn’t know that one) and link it up, and I like to think that people might discover a new band or tune through Twitter. You can follow my twitter whatsit here if you feel so inclined.

I couldn’t find a song that I was happy with that related to all this twitter stuff, so I leave you with two tracks that I discovered through other means.

I found out about Queensland’s Weapon Head via the Triple J Unearthed website – an excellent resource for exploring emerging Aussie talent. I LOVE the driving beat at the beginning of this track.

The March Of Misery – Weapon Head

And a new Melbourne band that I discovered through a friend last year. Rosencrants continue to polish their sound and I really like the slow sinewy jams in this track.

Wasted On Me – Rosencrants