A few weeks ago, an episode of the Contrast Podcast was delayed due to Tim having a bad headcold. A couple of weeks later, Linda was also experiencing similar symptoms. Last week Marcy had a few days of bedrest and kept the Kleenex empire afloat, and she and I had a little joke about how I was next in line, blaming Tim and his evil plot to infect us all. Oh, how we laughed.

Now, as I write this, my head is aching, my throat is sore, my ears are blocked and the bin beside me is overflowing with tissues (must empty that actually). I’ve just downed an aspro, am about to indulge in a shot of Stone’s Green Ginger Wine – good for the throat, take note – and am cursing Tim and his Contrast Podcast plague. Cheers, friend!

I shouldn’t be too upset with the lad though, he does continue to supply us with a wonderful podcast each week. This week’s Share A Secret episode was absolutely fantastic, with lots of happy news being shared and little secrets aired. I didn’t get my act together in time to contribute and I’m still not sure what I would’ve shared actually. I have managed to rustle up a few top tunes that fit the theme though, you can check them out below.

Next week’s episode asks us to talk about what we liked when we were 21. Given that I was 21 only four years ago, I don’t how exciting that will be, but perhaps I’ll be able to find some pre-blog music secret to fess up to or something.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, typing the word ‘plague’ into an image search…not such a good idea.

Secret Meeting (Black Session) – The National If you don’t know these guys already, get to know ’em now!

Best Kept Secret – Jack Ladder A Sydney boy – this track is a repost but is worth a second look

Secret – The Pierces New York singing-songwriting sisters