Early last year I was doing a bit of relief teaching and I did a stint teaching music a couple of days a week for three weeks at a rural primary school. You may think that this is a fitting job for a music blogger, but I have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever, and so we did a lot of dance and movement stuff and didn’t go anywhere near anything even approaching musical theory.

On my first day I was foolish enough to think that there would be some suitable music in the classroom ready for such a purpose, but I’d forgotten how music tends to take a backseat in most primary schools and that the best you can hope for is a few dusty songbooks and an old cassette featuring Rolf Harris going on about tying his bloody kangaroo down (suitable for children? I think not).

Racing back to my car, I found a lone burnt CD in the glove box, and this was the catchiest tune on it. Luckily the kids loved it, but after playing it endlessly throughout that day I was thoroughly sick of it and I shelved it for months before rediscovering it last week. I’d forgotten just how much I loved this – I don’t use the word ‘joy’ very often, but that’s exactly what this song is. Pure joy.

The Magic Position – Patrick Wolf