There’s been a lot of creepy crawly activity around my house lately as many of you know, with snakes, spiders and mice all making an appearance. I’m already planning on spending tonight in the loungeroom due to suspicious rustlings in my bedroom cupboard this morning, along with the reappearance of a dirty great huntsman that I thought had buggered off.

Some of you may scoff and sneer at what may seem to YOU to be the ridiculous concerns of a snivelly little baby, but people don’t seem to realise how those of us living here in Australia take our lives into our own hands EVERY SINGLE DAY. It used to be that merely stepping outside your front door meant risking your neck, or at least encountering a nasty surprise, but in recent times these beastly creatures have mounted an assault on indoor living as well.

I’m not the only Australian suffering under these deadly conditions. Go visit Arizaphale and read her terrifying accounts of wasps and jellyfish and redbacks and scorpions. This is the reality of life people, and it’s happening right here.

I have to thank Pedro for reminding me of this gem from the Scared Weird Little Guys, who are an Aussie comedy music act who were around long before those Flight of the Conchords copycats (they are cool too though). Listen to their dire warnings about the everyday dangers of Aussie living.

Come To Australia – Scared Weird Little Guys

You should also check out their take on the traditional Aussie family Christmas.

Christmas Day (The Bawdy Song) – Scared Weird Little Guys

And I was going to include a more interesting picture, but what was I supposed to do, Google ‘deadly Australian creatures that may one day result in your demise’? My condition is delicate enough as it is.