For a solid week I listened to a ton of music as I wandered around inner city Melbourne. I think I overdid it a bit though (a feat I never thought possible) because I’ve hardly listened to anything since I’ve returned home, which may account for my recent blogger’s block. This morning though I felt it was time to drag myself out of my slump and do me some shufflin’. This is what I came up with.

I first found about this song by London’s The Wave Pictures from Matthew over at Song, By Toad, and I’m leading with it because if there’s only one song you take away from this post, then this should be it. Gorgeous instrumentation, stunning strings and regretful lyrics, with my favourite line being I don’t need therapy because I have cigarettes.

Now You Are Pregnant – The Wave Pictures

Following some reader advice, I’m beginning to explore the music of M. Ward, and his collaboration with Lucinda Williams is the track that’s doing it for me at the moment. This was my first taste of his stuff, and I have to admit being a little put off by the vocals in the beginning – the gravelly voice reminded me of Tom Waits and there was a brief moment of recoil  at first. I got over it really quickly though as I soaked up the dark melodies and that lonesome twang. Beautiful stuff.

Oh Lonesome Me – M. Ward Removed by request

It’s a simple sounding song with simple lyrics in the beginning, but wait for that build up.

It’s All Over – Broken Family Band

I love the electro fuzziness of this track from Virginian folk singer Hush Arbors.

The Light – Hush Arbors

I initially resisted listening to anything from these guys for a pretty superficial reason – I really don’t like their band name. Detest it, in fact. Something must’ve made me think this was a good pickup at some point though, because it made it into my library and I quite like it. It’s cute indie pop, and it’s much better than their name anyway.

Antarctica – The Weepies

These guys made quite the splash last year with their debut self-titled, and this is just a taste. Binki Shapiro’s vocals are simply gorgeous. Wish I could sing like that.

Unattainable – Little Joy

Speaking of people who can sing, Jolie Holland’s no slouch in that department either. The word you’re looking for is ‘smoky’.

Old Fashioned Morphine – Jolie Holland

A pensive tune with nice spangly chimey triangle work kicking in partway through the track.

My Lover’s On The Pier – Syd Matters