Cherry Tomatoes

Homegrown tomatoes. There’s something pretty darn special about them. I don’t buy the cheap supermarket ones. This incessant need to provide fruit and vegies all year round has meant that every little drop of flavour is leeched from them through the use of chemical tampering, pesticides and early picking cycles – sometimes they don’t even stay on the vine long enough to develop what could potentially pass as taste.

I was out in the backyard earlier on today checking out our cherry tomato plants, hot sun beating down upon my neck. Moments after this photo was taken I ate the glossy one you see in this photo. It was warm and smooth and as I bit into it the skin resisted for a moment, before yielding. Up until then I’d almost forgotten how good real tomatoes taste. As Jonathan Richman says, there ain’t no tomato like a natural tomato.


Ok, that was my original post. I had intended to include Jonathan Richman’s ‘Circle I’  because it contains the line that I referenced above, but the bloody thing wouldn’t upload here for some reason. In the end I got too frustrated to continue, so I searched for tomato-related things in my music library, came up with Delta Spirit’s ‘Strange Vine’ (a rather tenuous connection, I know!) and left it at that. Hrrrrumph.

Strange Vine – Delta Spirit