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I’m writing this on a train on the way home from the big smoke. I’m sure there are those of you out there who have done this before but it seems kinda cool to me because I never have. It also feels kinda dorky.

I’ve been thinking about fare evasion today. I’ve spent all week tramming (real word? not quite sure) in and out of the city and it’s amazing how many people hop on and hop off without a ticket in sight. I must admit to doing this a couple of times myself. At the beginning of the week I was all about the ticket buying, but I saw so many people not bothering I decided to chance it. Either I’m incredibly lucky, or the fare police were on holiday, because I didn’t see a single ticket checker my entire week. My usual method was to buy a ticket to cover my journey in, plus the odd trip or two in the middle of the city, and by the end of the week I wasn’t buying a ticket for the journey home. Quite often the decision was made for me, with several ticket machines being out of service. And forget about fighting my way through to the ticket machine when it was packed full of hot sweaty bodies. By the time I made it there it would be time to hop off again anyway.

Did this make me feel bad? Not really. Perhaps paying some of the time made it easier to justify it to myself, but when there isn’t anybody bothering to police the whole ticketing issue, what incentive is there for people to pay? (apart from an inherent desire to follow all rules at all times!)

So, do you think I’m a corrupt and immoral person? Or would you do the same thing?

Tram #7 To Heaven – Jens Lekman