So, country. I’ve never liked it. But then when your experience of country largely encompasses Slim Dusty, Adam Brand and Lee friggin’ Kernaghan, you’re hardly well informed on the genre are you?

I’ve spoken briefly about The Felice Brothers before, singing the praises of the brilliant ‘Frankie’s Gun’, from their 2008 self-titled release. The rest of the album is just as entertaining, beautifully executed and an absolute hoot from start to finish. In addition to being masters of music of the rollickin’ footstompin’ persuasion – see ‘Take This Bread’ – they are also more than capable of producing melancholy, reflective tunes, such as ‘Saint Stephen’s End’ and ‘Ruby Mae’. ‘Love Me Tenderly’ is also sensational, especially the spoken intro.

i mighta lost my leg in the war
what war?
the war of love
my girl’s a real shock
i’m not gonna to try to..ah..debate it
not everybody’s perfect…

First Calexico, now The Felice Brothers. I can’t get enough of this rich and wonderful stuff. I’m also royally ticked off that my limited knowledge of ‘country’, until now, hasn’t extended much beyond the realms of dodgy Aussie imitations. I’d quite like to rectify this situation. Quickly. Any other recommendations?

Love Me Tenderly – The Felice Brothers

Take This Bread – The Felice Brothers

Saint Stephen’s End – The Felice Brothers

Make sure you listen to ‘Take This Bread’ before ‘Saint Stephen’s End’, because they blur into each other as the track changes.