Every day Australian newspaper The Age features on its front page a snippet of weird and wonderful news from around the globe called the ‘Odd Spot‘. The Age is a big broadsheet newspaper, so sometimes it’s the only part of it you can read quickly without having to unfold it completely. The whole thing is like a bloody bedsheet when it’s laid out properly, it’s ridiculous! But then again it is a ‘real newspaper’ – the bigger it is, the more real the news apparently.

An ex-convict held in Delaware for 12 days over an outstanding warrant and expired driving licence is suing a prison warder for denying him a phone call that would have saved his pet parrot’s life. When finally released, Thomas Goodrich found his beloved macaw dead.

Dead Parrot Sketch – Monty Python

Peru’s top court has ruled that workers cannot be fired for being drunk, a decision the Government says sets a dangerous precedent. The Constitutional Tribunal said the firing of a janitor was excessive because even though he was drunk, he did not offend or hurt anybody.

Drinkin’ – Reel Big Fish

Europe’s cash-strapped alpine farmers are raking in a fortune harvesting snow and selling it to desperate ski slopes. Despite a freezing winter, snow depths at lower altitudes are down and Austrian resorts have had to buy truckloads of snow from higher up the mountains.

Dancing Dirt Into The Snow – Missy Higgins

Nigerian motorcyclists are wearing dried pumpkin shells on their heads after a law was brought in forcing them to wear helmets. Police in the northern city of Kano said they had stopped several bikers with “improvised helmets” after the law was introduced on New Year’s Day.

I Fought The Law – The Clash

A turkey has been spared ending up on the dinner plate this Christmas — because it’s too ugly. Wilbur is underweight, has no tail feathers, a misshapen body and walks with a limp and is the only bird remaining at the pick-your-own turkey farm in Totnes, Devon.

Cold Turkey – John Lennon