I pledge allegiance to the coverage of Mr. Shneebly
and will not fight him for creative control
and will defer to him on all issues
related to the musical direction of the coverage

French acoustic folk artist Syd Matters (Johnathan Morali) does an absolutely gorgeous rendition of The Temptations classic. What starts off as a seemingly innocuous acoustic track slowly builds into an uptempo number with the inclusion of deep bass, keyboards and gospel style backing vocals. Lovely stuff.

My Girl (Temptations Cover) – Syd Matters

Seal’s version of The Impressions’ ‘People Get Ready’ was one that I thought would be a bit wishy washy. I blame daggy Aussie offenders Human Nature who bludgeoned the song sometime in the 90’s. I mean sure, they can sing, but good lord, do they have to be so dorky? Luckily, this rendition stands up much more nicely and Seal also employs a gospel choir to back him up.

People Get Ready (The Impressions Cover) – Seal

An acoustic and much slower version than the original. My mum reckons Cyndi was ahead of her time. The original Madonna, she calls her.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper Cover) – Russian Red

Yet another Fleet Foxes cover. What is it about this song that compels people to try and top it? It won’t happen, guys. And yet I still feel the urge to check them all out anyway.

White Winter Hymnal (Fleet Foxes Cover) – Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring