Marcy over at Lost In Your Inbox wrote a post the other day about the fact that she can’t seem to find any decent female artists to like at the moment and I must admit that I agree with her. Most of the stuff I like right now comes from bands rather than solo artists, and when a solo act does appeal to me, it’s usually a guy rather than a girl. However I’m pleased to say that I have, with some reader assistance, tracked down a female artist that’s producing some seriously beautiful music.

Acting on a hot tip from reader Rampant Chutney Consumerism (which, oddly enough, is not his real name) I’m stoked to tell you about Melbourne’s indie folk/pop artist Georgia Fields. RCC stated that she was one of the best live Melbourne acts around and after checking out her stuff I have to say I’m intrigued. As luck would have it, she’s actually playing this Sunday the 18th at Edinburgh Castle in Brunswick, followed by another show the following Sunday at the same venue. She’s also playing the Folk Fiesta at the East Brunswick Club on Saturday the 31st of January and I reckon I should be able to catch her at some point. Thanks heaps for the tip RCC!

Showcasing her smooth clear vocals, tinkling piano and a talent for quirky lyrics, I have to say that her music does at times draw the inevitable Regina comparisons. She often plays with a backing band that includes cello and violin (yes!) along with the harp, trumpet, melodia, percussion and, apparently, a cordless drill. Her debut EP Drama On The High Seas of Emotion was released late in 2007, with the title track reaching #4 on the Triple J Unearthed Pop Charts, and each copy came with a personally crafted album cover made out of a Little Golden Book. Now that is awesome.

The track that initially caught my attention is ‘One Finger’ which I believe is a new song. I couldn’t find the mp3 of it anywhere, so I point you in the direction of her myspace, so that you can stream it countless times like I have this morning! It’s a seriously catchy tune, very cute, and features some lovely strings.

Make sure you check out the songs below also, all of which are equally as wonderful, with ‘Scars’ probably being my current favourite.

Scars – Georgia Fields

Drama On The High Seas Of Emotion – Georgia Fields

Little Vices – Georgia Fields