I know next to nothing about They Might Be Giants. They formed a year before I was born and until the other day the only song of theirs that I had heard was ‘Dr Worm’, though I didn’t actually realise that it was sung by them. ‘Dr Worm’ was a huge hit on Triple J here in Oz in 1998 when I was 15 and I remember thinking it was the funniest, most ridiculous song I’d ever heard.

I’ve been checking out some of their other gear this afternoon and I’ve found a few other tracks that I like, including one that asks that age old question ‘Where Do They Make Balloons?’ You could also look upon it as a bit of a cultural lesson as well. I reckon my nephew would like these tracks, and it would make sense given that They May Be Giants have also been recognised in the Children’s Music genre.

I’m also impressed by this little nugget of information from my old buddy Wikipedia:

In 2004, the band created one of the first artist-owned online music stores, at which customers could purchase and download MP3 copies of their music, both new releases and many previously released albums. By creating their own store, the band could keep money that would otherwise go to record companies.

Power to the people!

Where Do They Make Balloons? – They Might Be Giants

Dr Worm – They Might Be Giants

Bonus Four Lads cover:

Istanbul (Not Constantinople) – They Might Be Giants