Last year I saw Little Birdy live twice. The Perth indie rockers put on a fantastic show, full of energy and crowd interaction. They’ve been in the studio this last little while, recording their new album which is yet to be given a title, but will include the track ‘Brother’ which features iconic Aussie artist Paul Kelly on harmonica and backing vocals.

I’m glad to hear that Katy Steele’s vocals are as strong and powerful as ever. What’s different about this track in comparison to some of their older stuff is that, while their trademark sound is there, it’s refreshing to hear the track start slow and build, before breaking into the bigger bolder sound that they are known for in these parts. I really enjoy hearing Paul’s distinctive vocals in the background, giving it just that little bit of extra impact and the harmonica adds a slightly mournful tone to the proceedings. Looking forward to the new album I am.

Brother – Little Birdy