Back in September I wrote a post about spiders and about how our house is literally crawling with the buggers. Sadly, as the weather has grown warmer they have not abated, rather they continue to mock us, turning up all the over the place and causing me to frequently shriek like a little girl and curse like a sailor.

It was a couple of months ago I think that I walked into the laundry, turned the light on and noticed a juicy fat Hunstman spider lurking on the curtains just above the washing machine, doing its best to blend in with the fabric. I was not fooled however. Swearing loudly, I turned around only to be confronted by another one, double its size, sitting right above the light switch THAT I HAD JUST TURNED ON.

Oh, they knew what they were doing alright. That first one was a decoy, poised ready to scare me into beating a hasty retreat. Little did I know that I’d played right into their creepy hairy hands legs. Bastards.

On other things of the creepy crawly nature, about an hour ago I heard our dogs barking out in the backyard. We have two, a little white maltese terrier/mongrel/bitza and a border collie/kelpie. They have a tendency to bark for no apparent reason, so when they both started up I yelled at them to can it, but after about 10 seconds I realised that they were using their snake barks, which are high pitched and urgent.

Sure enough, when I opened the back door, there they were barking and sniffing, intent. Just as our little terrier darted forward I saw the snake’s tail disappear into the garden bed next to our water tank. The crazy dog continued to go it, and no amount of calling or clapping or growling was enough to distract him from his mission.

Luckily, he finally came away and we locked both dogs up. Hopefully the wretched thing made its way to the back paddock and is long gone by now. I think it was a black snake, also known as a king brown, and if so it’s in our best interests to leave well alone as they are highly venomous.

Even though I hate the appearance of the first snake of the summer, I think it’s good that it’s happened as we do tend to get a little complacent about the bloody dangerous creatures we’re sharing our homes with here in Australia. So, boots on at all times when outside! And perhaps a good mow of the backyard as well.

Snake Drive – Eric Clapton