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2008 has seen a slew of releases, most of which have completely passed me by. Here are the songs that have managed to stick with me throughout the year. We’ll count backwards from 50 over the next few weeks until we reach my favourite song of 2008. Enjoy.

25. Someone Like You – David Vandervelde It only took a bar or two for me to fall hard for the musical stylings of David Vandervelde. I love the distinctive, slightly distorted vocals and cruisy vibe of this infectious track.

24. Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms – Frightened Rabbit God I’ve loved these guys this year. It’s funny, I think I’ve figured out what my favourite FR track is, and then I hear another one and I change my mind. As I write this I’m wondering whether or not this track belongs further up the list, but we need to exercise some restraint with these things don’t we, or else we’d include every song off our favourite albums in the top 10. And that wouldn’t be too exciting now would it? Love the opening line good arms vs. bad arms will win hands down and the ‘ooooooohhhs’ in the background and the pain in the vocals. Absolutely beautiful, beautiful stuff.

23. …And We Exhale And Roll Our Eyes In Unison – Los Campesinos! Whenever I feel boring and old and tired (I’m 25, but yes, I do feel like this at times) I whack this tune on. These guys ooze youth and I love their quirky lyrics, alternating boy/girl vocals, tempo changes, group singalongs and sheer exuberance.

22. My Only Offer – Mates Of State I obviously couldn’t narrow it down to one tune from these guys. Here they are making another appearance with this toe-tapper that features a recurring boppy piano sequence, some call and response and a few ‘oh-oh-ohs’. Wonderful.

21. Working Poor – Horse Feathers These guys play a deceptive brand of folk, in that you think that you’re listening to a quiet gentle track, but all of a sudden it will swell around you and you can’t help but be carried away by it. This particular track features twangy banjo and gorgeous vocals. Lovely stuff.

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