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2008 has seen a slew of releases, most of which have completely passed me by. Here are the songs that have managed to stick with me throughout the year. We’ll count backwards from 50 over the next few weeks until we reach my favourite song of 2008. Enjoy.

I did intend to post 10 songs today but my computer has been giving me all kinds of bother and these are the only songs I’ve managed to upload. Hopefully I’ll be able to put the next five up later on this week.

30. Cigarettes – Russian Red I love the distinctive lilting vocals of Spanish folk singer Russian Red as well as the quiet melodies in this track and the tiny chimes near the end. The only complaint I have about this song is that it’s too short – it clocks in at two minutes and I really think it deserves a longer run.

29. What D We Do Now? – The Just Joans Ahhh Scottish accents…they truly are beautiful. These guys could threaten me with death, despair and destruction and as long as it was uttered in their charming Scottish brogue I honestly wouldn’t care. Wonderful stuff.

28. No Longer – The Kooks The Kooks have been fairly prominent around the blog world this year and this track has seen me through quite a few trips to work. It’s extremely catchy with great tempo changes throughout and was the perfect track to sing along to as I yawned my way to school during the winter months.

27. The Youth – MGMT If you haven’t heard of these guys at least in passing, then you’ve obviously not been paying attention. This track is a tad slower than some of their other stuff and it’s dreamy and lush. Love it.

26. If I Have Been Unkind – Lanterns On The Lake There’s a rich otherwordly sound that permeates the music of Lanterns On The Lake and they have released one of my favourite EPs this year, The Starlight EP. Beautiful strings and intrumentation, and this track features male vocals and wistful lyrics. Gorgeous.

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