You know you’re up against it when you pop some two minute noodles in the microwave to cook and instead of putting two minutes on the timer, you try and put a phone number in instead. I’ve spent all weekend writing reports after spending three days on school camp and it would appear that I might be a little preoccupied! So instead of bringing you the next installment of my Top 50 countdown like I planned (tomorrow hopefully), I’m offering up 10 in a row from my November playlist. Enjoy!

Come Close (Acoustic) – Saosin

Words (Bee Gees Cover) – Shawn Colvin

Wedding Dress – Samamidon

Dreams Before People – Sholi

Casanova – Thunder Power

Arms Of A Thief – Iron and Wine

Confetti – The Lemonheads

Chicago – The Uglysuit

Linger – The Cranberries

I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan Cover) – Wilco & Fleet Foxes