Thanks Captain Obvious: Titanic 1997 It’s been over a decade now since Leo and Kate and that bloody huge ship defiled graced our movie screens. So is the film still watchable? Captain Obvious reveals the answer in his revisit of the epic unsinkable moneyspinner. Make sure you also check out his November Mixtape.

Versions Galore: Tainted Goods Big fan of ‘Tainted Love’ but tired of the Soft Cell version? Head over to Versions Galore to check out a plethora of alternative options.

Tangled Cord: Thoughtcatch Mix If you’ve only seen snow two or three times in your life like I have, you might use this mix to create the feeling of being warm inside a cocoon of blankets as the snowflakes float gently past your window.

The Late Greats: 8 From 08 Unheard Ladies Go here to check out a playlist of tunes from ladies you may not have heard of this year but are worth a listen.

Fong Songs: Best Cover Band You’ve Never Heard Of Fong Songs has some tunes to satisfy the deep-seated need that lurks inside each and every one of us – the acquisition of cover songs by unheard of Russian bands.

Tainted Love (Gloria Jones Cover) – The Living End

Money For Nothing (Dire Straits Cover) – PoZitive Orchestra

And some of the songs that have been doing it for me this week…

J. Tillman, in addition to being the drummer in the wonderful Fleet Foxes, is also a solo artist who has released an EP and four solo full lengths already. Cleverly, Autumn Tone Records have recently announced that they will re-release three of them, hoping to cash in on the higher profile he’s gained on the back of Fleet Foxes stellar full length debut. This is the only track that I’ve heard so far, but I’d be willing to bet that the warm and loose bluesy feel that permeates ‘Steel On Steel’ is more than present throughout the rest of his work. Beautiful stuff.

Steel On Steel – J. Tillman

US four piece Arizona have been receiving extensive praise all over the blog world lately and it’s easy to see why. Lush instrumentation and gradual building layers combine with interestingly beautiful lyrics to create music that I often can’t bear to turn off. Wonderful.

I learned the hard way about excess
To take care of the brain
The body must be tamed
Cause you deserve it

And like a tiger probably feels
Tearin’ his prey off the stage
I feel less than sacred
Naked while I have to go and change
You don’t deserve it

I learned the long way about your eyes
To sanctify your face
The lines and curves are traced
Cause you deserve it

Don’t Have The Body – Arizona

Googling this guy led me to a character in ‘Passions’, a doctor in ‘Private Practice’ and a female US Democratic nominee. From what I can tell though, Sam Bennett is British singer-songwriter. This infectious number features fast paced acoustic guitar and deep vocals that make him seem older than his 19 years. Great track.

I Love – Sam Bennett

The ‘Who?’ section of Heath Street’s website: Don’t like music? Then you won’t like Heath Street. While ‘Yellow Shoes’ is the only track I’ve heard from singer-songwriter Scott Fruhan aka Heath Street, I was immediately enchanted by the lovely melodies and slightly wistful lyrics that tell of love lost, but in an uplifting rather than maudlin kinda way.

It’s funny how I picture telling everything to you
Even as you’re standing in your faded yellow shoes
When I’m quiet in my head
Oh I will love again

Yellow Shoes – Heath Street

And I’ve arrived fashionably late to this track, the ever-present Triple J staple ‘Ruby’ by the Kaiser Chiefs. It is pretty damn catchy now isn’t it? In fact, as a person who’s had it stuck in their head for about three days now, I’d go so far as to say that it’s a little too catchy.

Ruby – Kaiser Chiefs

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