Angus and Julia Stone are a brother-sister acoustic folk duo from my neck of the woods – by this I mean Sydney, Australia. Though our land mass here in Oz is pretty darn big, we’re so far away from everywhere else that Sydney is a mere dawdle down the road in comparison.

Though I’ve heard good things about these guys before, I had never taken the time to suss them out properly until the other day. Both Angus and Julia have quite distinctive vocals and share lead responsibilities on alternate tracks. I find Julia’s voice in particular quite bewitching and it features in ‘Wasted’, a track that I absolutely adore. Lovely melodic guitar, subtle percussion and yearning violin. And I can’t count how many times I’ve wanted to use that line on an ex before.

I’m wasted…I’m so wasted on you

The line is delivered in a kind of wistful reluctance though – this is not a song of revenge by any means, rather it’s a confession of love against one’s better judgement. Marvellous stuff.

Wasted – Angus & Julia Stone

‘What You Wanted’ is a tale of regret and lost love and what seems to be a whole lotta ‘me first’ going on within a relationship. This is also a beautiful song, and features some sweet harmonica and fragile cracked vocals as the track intensifies.

your sad eyes they dont keep me alive
not like they used to
not like they used to
and your cold feet they wont find their way to me
it’s not like you want them to

What You Wanted – Angus & Julia Stone

Tracks in which Angus takes lead vocals offer another element to the duo. This version of ‘Paper Aeroplane’ recorded live in the Triple J studio is also lovely.

Paper Aeroplane – Angus & Julia Stone