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2008 has seen a slew of releases, most of which have completely passed me by. Here are the songs that have managed to stick with me throughout the year. We’ll count backwards from 50 over the next few weeks until we reach my favourite song of 2008. Enjoy.

40. The Re-Arranger – Mates Of State These guys were responsible for one of the best indie pop releases of the year, an album which I’m sure will appear on many end of year lists. Highly infectious stuff.

39. Sequestered In Memphis – The Hold Steady Gritty lyrics and vocals that explode out of the speakers to create some serious foot stomping rollicking rock.

38. People C’Mon – Delta Spirit Catchy retro vibe, loose drums and smooth vocals. I’m feelin’ what you’re feelin’ guys, don’t you worry about that.

37. Lovely Allen – Holy F*ck I think these guys have done themselves a slight disservice in their choice of band name as it may deter some people from checking them out and some media from giving them airtime. It’s a mistake to ignore these guys though as they’ve created a seriously gorgeous brand of electronica without a laptop or programmer in sight. Wonderful stuff.

36. Get Better – Mates Of State Clocking up another mention, opening track to Mates Of State’s latest release Rearrange Us is an excellent indicator of what is to come. Beautiful strings intertwined with uptempo beats and wonderful boy/girl harmonies.

35. Transliterator – DeVotchKa Love the little beepy keyboards and plucking strings before the main orchestral stuff kicks in. Gorgeous romantic passionate vocals that ebb and flow with building intensity. Again, another band sure to feature prominently on best of lists this year.

34. All Alright – Sigur Ros Probably a track that deserves a higher placing on this list but I can only listen to it occasionally because it’s so beautiful and so sad. It was absolutely devastating live too, especially when his voice cracked on a long note and the whole of Festival Hall held its collective breath and looked on with misty eyes. Stunning.

33. Mysterious Skin – Orphans and Vandals I absolutely love the melody and the buildup of this epic track but I have to confess that I had issues with the spoken word stuff at first. I ended up becoming completely bewitched and although the track is over 10 minutes long it slips by in a whirl of sumptuous strings.

32. My Shield – Lanterns On The Lake This edition of the countdown seems to be all about the strings! They’re heartbreakingly pure on this track, swelling and bending before fading out over gentle piano and a couple of Sigur Ros-esque moments.

31. Time – The Rumble Strips The Rumble Strips make another appearance with this uptempo number complete with sax, neat little breakdowns and sweet backing vocals.

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Top 50 2008 (50 – 41)